Cybex 750R Recumbent


Versatile recumbent bike for the fitness enthusiast who demands CYBEX performance with the comfort of a wider seat base and supported back. The 750R bike offers both performance variety for the user and unparallel durability for the gym owner. And ... the 750R has the same high tech look of the rest of the CYBEX cardiovascular family of products to create a gym that looks like it belongs together. Even though users vary in size, weight, and fitness goals... only one bike will give them all the workout they are looking for... the CYBEX 750R.

The lowest starting level and the highest resistance. For those who never rode a bike before and those who are preparing for the Olympics, the CYBEX 750R is the perfect piece of equipment to train on. The most deconditioned user or rehab patient can use it safely because of the low power input requirement (20 Watts) and ... it goes up to 900 Watts (to make a grown man cry). All possible because of the CYBEX self-tensioning drive. Belt tension is important because a lot of belt tension is needed to create a high power training tool. But... belt tension creates drag... and drag can drive up heart rate for beginning cyclists. The answer is the CYBEX self-tensioning drive.

Ride outside or train for the Tour de France. This is the most unique bike in the industry. With three modes of operation and 21 programs with 21 levels, personal trainers love it in Constant Power mode. Isokinetic mode is for serious athletic training and rehabilitation training. The Bike Mode is just like a Sunday afternoon bike ride.

Little things add up to a big difference. We’ve thought of a lot of details that both users and owners appreciate. Multi-position design of handle bars accommodates riding styles from upright to aero with two sets of contact heart rate grips so HR can be monitored in any position. The optional Personal Entertainment Monitor with iPod compatibility turns itself off to save energy and prolong monitor life. REALLY IMPORTANT is the walk-through design that makes the 750R perfect for seniors and rehab applications.

For low maintenance. With a welded frame made from forged steel, the CYBEX 750 bikes have a three piece heavy duty mountain bike crank that makes them durable enough for rugged mountain terrain. In a gym setting, this construction translates to low low low maintenance. And … CYBEX engineers even designed the enclosures so that sweat is directed away from the bike mechanism.

  • Manufactured by: Cybex International Exercise Equ

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